Future Gate!

Future Gate , is one of the most important marketing, distribution, import and export companies, aiming to serve consumers by focusing on providing consumer electronics and smart phone accessories of the highest possible quality, and has the local and regional experience to provide an unparalleled level of service, support, logistics and competitive prices for all markets.

We work to provide services that suit the various segments and we provide it to all selling organizations, including wholesalers, retailers, medium and large markets, value-added sellers, professional retailers and corporate sellers.

Future Gate’s rapid expansion and its commitment to service excellence and the accompanying quality of that service has positioned it as a market leader in the region and a preferred source for different markets to deal with and gain their trust and deal with their own brands and products.


The Future Gate team meets the needs of the market according to many studies on a regular basis, and this team deals with the commitment to provide services in the fastest way and at the lowest cost with their commitment to complete quality.

We provide what is met through highly qualified teams whose targets is to serve all our customers.

Company's Vision

Our vision is to be the global leader in a volatile and rapidly changing consumer environment, believing in integrity, teamwork and innovation to provide unparalleled customer service, through our contracts with a variety of international brands with the best value-added services that can be relied upon.


We aim to always be the first choice in the State of Bahrain, and to provide high-quality products that suit the lifestyle of our customers by adhering to the following:

1- Providing job opportunities for the citizens of the State of Bahrain and working on developing them in order to reach the maximum benefit for them in a way that suits their job needs.

Continuous improvement of the services provided through us to serve our customers better and continuously and constantly evolving.

Permanent expansion to add headquarters and warehouses in strategic locations in all governorates of Bahrain and to provide logistical services that serve that in order to satisfy all our customers.

Reaching the highest levels of satisfaction through consumers’ experience of our products, including after-sales services.



We Are Happy To Help You

Would you like customized specific orders for your company or organization? We are happy to help you! Our team will be happy to answer any and all questions you had on the products for you. You can customize your product requirements, eg item numbers, and price. In order to clarify all the details, Please feel free to communicate with us.