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Mophie 409907457 Wall Adapter USB-C 20W-EU White


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Mophie – USB-C wall charger, 20W (white)

Mophie USB-C 20W Wall Charger for iPhone

Speed you’ll love

We spend more and more time with a smartphone in our hand. Unfortunately, its battery can run out after just a few hours. The mophie 20W charger enables quick and efficient charging of Fast Charge compatible devices – much faster than with a standard charger.

Durability you’ll appreciate

In the creation of the mophie charger, the highest quality materials were used, which ensures not only a great look, but also extraordinary durability and safety of use.

Energy for a mobile world

Mophie is an award-winning California brand of power accessories for mobile devices. Widely appreciated for innovation, the company became famous for the production of stylish, efficient and practical solutions.

Mophie 20W USB-C charger for iPhone Brand Inna
Mophie USB-C 20W charger for iPhone Manufacturer code 409907457
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